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time machines

Postby tears.fornever » Sun Mar 31, 2024 6:28 pm


I would like to express my opinion about time and impossibility of inventing time machines. This is based on my experience of working with time sync internet servers (ntp), school physics course and my age.

First, "time" is group effect.
Look at yourself staying with few more people at the sidewalk, you watch the traffic light and it's still red. It is still red but occasionally half of the group starts walking. In most of cases the second half including you will start to move too.
This is one example of group effect.
Electronic music fans dance together and enjoy much more if they are a lot.
Football is one of the most popular entertainments in the world. Football game rules are simple, 22 players and one ball. What turns the game into exciting is group effect, ten of millions of people watching the same game together. Feelings and wishes of fans all over the world are extremely strong together.

Group effect which is stronger that football's one is time. Most of smartphones and home computers syncronize time through internet.
The are 24 hours in one day, and 24 time zones all over the world, because of that.
This means that few hundreds of millions of people in one time zone create a group which sees the same numbers on their phones and computers. And much more of that, minutes are same all over the world.
I saw a lot of people saying "time does not exist". Time is just billions of watches, it's hard to ignore and much more hard to understand.
School course of physics includes graphs, explaining ball behavior depending on time axis.

Time machines theory is based on attempts of influence on time which is intended to change object's location or state. But no objects move depending on time axis, nor on smartphone watches. When you move the mouse it changes its location independently on numbers on you Windows or Mac machine in the corner of the screen. Watches change numbers, and you move. People will continue moving if all the watches on the planet will stop, and it's group effect will disappear.

Now about twin paradox

If moving twin has quartz watch, then this watch will show time dependently on quartz mechanism, the age of twin depends on chemical reactions in his body, not time axis like his watch, or any other watch.
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