GUIDELINES - please read!

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GUIDELINES - please read!

Postby Moderator » Sun Jun 10, 2012 4:49 pm

if you have any questions, please send a message to - thank you.


Since this forum caters to a broad audience, which also includes people under 18, and people who view the forum from their place of employment, we ask you to consider what you post in respect of fellow visitors. For example:

As this forum is open for all ages, it is not permitted to post images of offensive nature, which includes but is not limited to nudity, pornography, gore, violence etc. If you do so, your ability to post images will be removed.

Rudeness and disrespect is not cool, and we encourage everyone to practice the count-to-ten method - if something makes you wanna flame, walk away from the computer a while and chill a bit, so you can continue the discussion in a more composed state. Also, please realize that no amount of beating a dead horse will make a person change their mind if what you discuss is based on personal values or opinions. Knowing when to give up and move on is a virtue, and very cool. If you find something to have crossed a line, report it to the Moderator and they will have a look at it.

Bashing of sexuality, religion, race, political values, social status, nationality etc will not be tolerated.

Any form of spreading or help of spreading copyrighted material that is available for purchase, such as officially released songs and videos by ANY means of this site, including Private Messages, will get you banned from the forum. It is however allowed to share some material that is not available for purchase, such as fan-recorded live recordings, and interviews. It is NOT allowed to share files of official releases just because they are not released in your country and you don't have access to purchase it online. If you are uncertain of if a file is OK or not to share, contact the Moderator for advice.

Since this is an international forum, please write in English when you post in the forums except for in (M)other Tongue. Even if you're not very good at English, just trying is good enough. If you want to speak to a particular person in your own language, taking it via Private Messages is recommended. Please remember that not everyone has english as their first language, and some may have trouble expressing themselves, which may make things sound blunter than intended. But, that also works reversed -- if you know your english isn't that good, please be patient with people who try to carry a discussion with you.

Since this forum displays how many posts and topics a user has made, we want to let you know in advance that we will not tolerate any unnecessary spamming to raise your postcount. A high postcount does not equal seniority over any other user or a higher coolness-factor. Please try to make your posts be of quality rather than quantity - there are a LOT of people visiting these forums, and pointless spamming will just make the forum cluttered and potentially slower. Any user caught spamming with receive a warning, and further spamming results in either a temporary or permanent ban.


* The SEARCH function is your friend. Have a question? See if someone already answered it before you post.
* Can I find the information I seek in any other part of the site? Sometimes the news page or quotes section has what you are looking for.
* Is there already a thread created for what I am about to post? Try to find it; two posts about the same thing is just unnecessary and takes place on the topic list.
* Don't post in all caps (LIKE THIS) in the topic or message body. It just makes it harder to read, and looks really bad.
* Ignore trolls. They just want a reaction - don't give them that satisfaction; do not reply to them at all. If you spot a trouble-stirrer, report it to the Moderator.

Here are some further points to consider:

* Users are permitted to register one username only.
* Freedom of speech is a fallacy.
* Contents from this 4UM can under no circumstances be copied/reproduced/quoted outside the 4UM without written permission.
* Contents posted by visitors on this 4UM may however be copied/reproduced/quoted by in newsitems or other places on the site.
* The Moderator reserves the right to delete posts they deem inappropriate.
* Stirring trouble in the forums will result in removal of functions and ultimately a cancelled membership.
* No political, racist or religious comments or threads in the 4um.
* No calling people out. For example starting a thread to ask something of someone. Use Private Messages for that.
* You may not violate, plagiarise or infringe on the rights of third parties including copyright, trademark, trade secret, privacy, personal, publicity or proprietary rights.

If you do not agree with or intend to follow these guidelines, you are advised to leave this board.

We reserve the right to modify these forum rules as and when deemed necessary. Such rules will be binding for all members. This list will be added-to and edited as we go along.

if you have any questions, please send a message to - thank you.
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